May 20, 2010

Wardrobe Tips

The most frequently asked question is "What should I wear for a photo session?" Here are some helpful wardrobe tips for photography sessions.

The simple answer is wear what makes you feel like you look really good and yet like yourself.

When it comes to what to wear for portraits you can play it safe and wear something timeless and classic, do the formal well groomed look or go bold, stylish and make a statement, it's your choice.

For the classic timeless approach simple clothing is best. Solid colored clothing in middle to dark tones work very well. They give the illusion of timelessness of the image. Shy away from stripes, or busy patterns that could date the image years from now - instead think about blending textures to achieve the most natural look, casual dress is usually preferred.

For a formal look well groomed look, dress attire is appropriate.

You're welcome to bring lots of clothes for mixing and matching outfits. Get creative! Bring hats, cool shoes, boots, jackets, jewelry, scarves-you name it! Got an awesome dress? Feel free to bring that, too. If you're unsure about something, bring it anyway.

Although we want your photo shoot to be "about you," your selection of attire can make a big difference between snap shots and beautiful portraits! Below you will find a brief outline of how to prepare yourself for your session:

Black and burgundy are colors that work well with dark backgrounds. On the other hand, denim, pastels, and whites work better with light backgrounds and with most outdoor settings.

Long sleeves are usually best; bare arms usually distract from the beauty of the face! You might consider bringing different items for different poses. However, the key here is to wear something that's comfortable. If you are not at ease with how you look, this will show in your photographs!


Keep your jewelry to a minimum. Metals tend to create unwanted reflections. If you wear earrings, keep them small.


If you do your own makeup, carefully apply foundation with a clean makeup sponge. Then apply a loose skintone powder. Apply blusher with a clean and dry makeup sponge. Then use a soft brush to apply a final layer of loose powder to eliminate harsh blusher outlines. Apply mascara lightly. Use an eyebrow pencil to improve your natural eyebrow line. Apply lip liner and fill in with a good lipstick. Lastly, be careful not to get makeup on your clothes! Dress first and then protect your attire with a cape or plastic cover.


If you want to tie back your hair, do not wear a big bow. Use a barrette or other similar accessory. You may consider fixing your hair differently for different poses. If you do this it is a good idea to bring a hair brush and water spray bottle. If you dye your hair, make sure that your roots are not beginning to show! Many pictures are spoiled by the natural color roots appearing under the new color. Also, dying the hair often leaves it dry and brittle. If this happens, it is a good idea to add mousse or another moisterizer to the hair prior to your photo-shoot. If your hair looks good, your photographer can focus on composition!

And Finally...

This is your day! We want you to relax and have fun and let your beauty from within shine!
© Sabrina Jenks Photography

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